The Unscrambling



I’m trying my hand and head at a program I have on my new computer. Buying a computer was not a planned event but while wrestling with how to get the books for Art and Soul Gallery in the cloud I was told that my six-year-old Mac is OLD. So old that it will soon not be able to do the every day jobs it is used to doing because it’s ability to process new information is diminished.  In addition, a major part of it’s memory is scrambled. I can identify completely.  So with my warrior energy intact, I took the leap and am now experiencing a little scrambled brain myself, trying to understand and integrate all this new information. I press onward.


Next Friday evening, yes Friday the 13th, the Talent Public Arts Committee is it’s annual Art and Music Festival from 5-8 pm. throughout town. There will be many businesses open, art around town, music, etc.  Also, the Friday Evening Market will be in full swing.

The opening for a group Art show at the Talent City Hall at 110 E.Main St. will be hosted by the participating artists, which includes myself.  I hope you’ll come out and join in the festivities and say hello.


Join me next Sat. evening for an Enneagram Party!

The Enneagram is a dynamic and powerful personality system that describes nine distinct patterns of thinking, feeling and moving.  Each pattern is based on an explicit perceptual filter, which determines the focus of our attention and how we direct our energy.  The Enneagram can help bring positive change into our lives and help change the way we relate to yourself and others.

Rumor has it that one of the best ways to witness the Enneagram in action is to relax and party with other conscious students of life. If you are curious about the Enneagram and aren’t sure of your personality type, please come and talk to others who may be either just beginning their journey or are seasoned in their understanding of the Enneagram.

I will offer a 10-session monthly study group on the third Sunday of each month beginning September 22nd from 1pm-5pm.  If you are interested in some, or all of the journey let me know or talk to me at the party.

When: Saturday, September 14th.  6pm till ??

Where:  Eve Margo’s home: 2708 Country Club Drive, Medford 

Bring: A favorite dish or snack to share…and a drink

Please RSVP either by email or by calling 541-772-6888

Directions to Eve’s:  From Ashland, take exit 24 (Phoenix) onto Fern Valley Rd. to the right.  At the first light, turn left onto North Phoenix Rd. (Home Depot).  Stay on No. Phoenix until you get to the light at Albertson’s which is Barnett.  Turn left onto Barnett and follow it to the second light, which is Murphy at the corner of the Hospital (RVMC).  Turn Right on Murphy and follow it past the stop sign until it turns left becoming Country Club Dr. The golf course will be on your right. Go two blocks to the corner of Havana and Country club.  My house is on your far left of the corner and is green with purple trim.  There is even a street sign near the garage door saying “Withrow Lane”.  Turn left onto Havana and either park in the driveway or in the street.

I am thrilled to offer a new class co-facilitated with my dear friend Alexis McKenna.

Journey Home

The Journey Home

In the turbulence of modern times, it’s easy to feel lost and powerless.  The world, as we know it, seems to be disappearing before our very eyes.  The “new world” has yet to emerge.

We are living in chaos; and we don’t yet know that chaos is a friend.  It’s a creative energy as well as a destructive one.  The challenge is to learn how to embrace the chaos and allow it to change us.  This can be most easily done through traveling inward – into the interior symbolic landscape – rich with possibility and meaning.

It is here that each of us can tap into those aspects of self that are inherently nourishing and sustaining.  It is here that we can touch into that core essence – that resonance—that is uniquely ours.  It is here that we access the immortal and the eternal.  It is here that we are “home” — regardless of what is, or is not, happening in the world around us.

Join us in a journey “home.”


What: A 4 week, “rich media” exploration (limited to 6 participants)

We will use story, music, art, guided imagery, and other mystical practices, ancient and modern, to begin the journey of coming “home.”

During the first 3 weeks, we will actively explore our inner worlds, memorialize our explorations in a variety of different media and materials, and share our discoveries with each other.

In our final week, we will bring together all the materials we have previously created, and look for emerging themes and patterns — both individual and collective.

When:   Saturdays, 1-4pm, Oct. 5, 12, 19, and 26

Where:   Eve’s Studio, 2708 Country Club Drive, Medford, OR. 97504

Cost: $130 + $10. materials’ fee for the series; fee to be paid at the first class.  You may wish to bring a notebook for personal reflection.

For reservations or information, call Eve at 541-772-6888 or email href="eveatevemargowithrowdotcom">eveatevemargowithrowdotcom

The Facilitators

Alexis McKenna, PhD., is an experienced counselor and educator, a natural mystic, and an innovative thinker.  Her special areas of interest are symbol systems, music-generated imagery, metaphor, and story

Eve Withrow, MA, is an international award-winning professional Artist creating quality one-of-a-kind paintings.  An experienced teacher, she skillfully assists others in awakening to their innate creativity in non-threatening, hands on ways.

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