The Exhale

Purple Spire Majesty

Purple Spire Majesty

Moon Sees Copper Canyon
Moon Within Moon

It has come to me in recent months that working very hard to accomplish my goals really hasn’t worked so very well.  Like a good Enneatype 8, I have been doggedly determined to be a major positive influence in the world.  I’ve pushed for school reform, fought for the underdog and insisted that my students and friends dig deep to find what is truly authentic within and express it creatively. I’ve taught myself thousands of techniques so that I’d have an arsenal of possibilities to offer not only in my own creative processes but for those of my students.  I have frequently threatened to explode from frustration and information overload while navigating the traumatically trying technological minefield.

         Being a conscientious Enneagram student has enabled an awareness of the personality patterns and pitfalls within.  I’ve been so busy taking a deep breath in order to force my way through life that I’ve forgotten to focus on the exhale.  The spaces between the actions, when finally alert to them, offer a deep satisfaction in the now that has escaped me most of my life. This newfound awareness of others and myself has allowed a new acceptance and joy.  In this exhale, my classes are thriving with wonderful people; my paintings are selling; I’m getting an even bigger kick out of my Grand daughter and I had a fabulous time creating 5 new collages this weekend.

         Take pleasure in the exhale.

Moon Connects to Forest Rock

Red River-Tall Tree

Tranquil Overseer

2 thoughts on “The Exhale

  1. Ah, Sweet Exhale. Suits you well, my Friend. I’m thinking force and trying are over-rated in this world. More about the surrender and allow. It’s only taken me 52 years and how many personal growth weekends to see . . .

    Exhale, exhale, exhale.

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