Emerald Art Center Workshop in May

Emerald Art Center Workshop

Using Texture to Create Expressive Watermedia Paintings

Full Moon Sky mixed media painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Full Moon Sky by Eve Margo Withrow
Mixed water media on paper

Instructors: Pam Haunschild and Eve Margo Withrow
May 9–10, 2020
All levels

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In this fun and exciting workshop, we will create textured, complex watermedia (acrylic/watercolor) backgrounds and then work on turning them into harmonious, successfully finished paintings. You have your choice of working in acrylics and/or watercolors along with a gesso mixture (provided).

Texture makes your painting feel more dynamic, creates a sense of depth, and helps viewers emotionally connect with a painting. Texture is sometimes visual (on the surface) and sometimes dimensional (raised above the surface). We will work with both types of texture in this workshop.

The class is appropriate for anyone – beginners will have no trouble with the methods used and more advanced painters will be able to add complex texturing processes to their repertoire. You will leave with at least 12 painting starts, and one or two completed paintings. Although the instructors work with nature subjects, you can work on the imagery of your choice as a final product.

In this post are examples of paintings Eve created using the techniques she and Pam teach in this class. See exampleso fPam’s work on her website: www.PamHaunschild.com

Mossed in the Forest, painting by eve margo withrow

Mossed in the Forest
Eve Margo Withrow

Eve specializes in the visual (surface) textures by layering and manipulating watermedia. Interesting patterns and images emerge from her process. She uses tissue paper, plastic wrap, salts, bleach, and other materials to create layers; following threads and surprises and imaginative pathways to create her uniquely powerful images. She then uses windowing and design techniques and sometimes collage to turn textural starts into finished paintings.

Pam specializes in creating dimensional texture through the use of gesso with various texturing materials. Using a gesso underlayer allows a great deal of flexibility in subsequent layers, which can be either watercolor or acrylic. Pam will provide you with a pre-gessoed paper and demonstrate not only the various ways gesso texture can be applied, but how to finish these painting using value contrast and negative painting techniques.

These texturing processes will produce uniquely interesting and creative paintings. Bring a sense of adventure and spontaneity and you will be amazed at what can result. The class is appropriate for anyone – beginners will have no trouble with the methods used and more advanced painters will be able to add complex texturing processes to their repertoire. You will leave with at least twelve painting starts, and one or two completed paintings.


Watchful eyes, painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Watchful Eyes
Painting by Eve Margo Withrow

EVE MARGO WITHROW is an international award-winning professional artist. She uses mixed watermedia (acrylics and watercolor) and frequently layers and collages her materials. Her paintings are magical impressions that reflect feelings of a particular experience or place. She is always curious to explore what lies outside the box. “I play and adventure with my textures, layers and colors, following threads here and there, thus entering the flow of my creative process.”

Eve has a master’s degree in art education from the University of Wyoming. With over 40 years experience in teaching art classes and workshops, Eve masterfully guides and encourages participants to awaken to their innate creativity by experiencing the joy of self-expression. Eve is a previous owner of Art & Soul gallery in Ashland, Oregon, and is currently showing her work there, along with Rogue Gallery in Medford. She has taught many workshops across the western United States.

PAM HAUNSCHILD is a watermedia artist who devotes her time to capturing the beauty of nature in the American West. She is a retired college professor who now lives in Ashland, Oregon, and paints full time. She has been and artist-in-residence at three national parks and continues to be inspired by her time there. Her work is in galleries in Ashland, Seaside, and Bandon, Oregon, and is held by many individual and corporate collectors, including the National Park Service. She has done many commissions, most recently designing and painting a poster and playbill cover for the Britt Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon, and a large native plant mural at Southern Oregon University.

Pam has taught many watermedia workshops in Oregon and Northern California, including at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology and Coos Art Museum and enjoys helping all students discover new methods of painting while using (or developing) their own unique artistic style.

Read more about Pam
Rogue Valley Messenger, Blurring the Lines with Color: Southern Oregon Artist Pam Haunschild

Eve and Pam are the perfect compliment to each other in presenting and facilitating this creative journey, and they both have extensive teaching experience and coordinate well together so that participants will come out of the workshop with a variety of techniques and tools to start or expand their repertoire of texturing techniques.

materials List

  • Artist grade acrylics in your choice of colors. Bring colors you like to work with. Just be sure you have a warm and cool yellow, red, and blue as a minimum. If you don’t have acrylics, we will provide them for a $15 materials fee.
  • Artist grade watercolors in your choice of colors as above. If you don’t have watercolors, we will provide them for a $15 materials fee.
  • Brushes you like to use.
  • Three large (22 x 30) pieces of hot press watercolor paper. 140# is fine, unless you prefer working on heavier paper.
  • Water containers, paper towels, palette, scissors, spray bottle for water.
  • Texturing materials: we will a lot of these materials for you. But we also encourage you to bring anything you think you may like to work with. Examples include stamps, stencils, scratchers, sponges, textured fabric or paper, shells, etc.
  • Two or three old watercolor or acrylic paintings that you don’t mind reworking

We will provide the gesso mixture, gesso brushes and sponges, other containers and applicators and an assortment of texturing materials, stencils, and reference images.


$175.00 for both days + $15 for materials

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