Summer Solstice

July 2013

Summer Solstice

Last week, under the huge Solstice Moon, my Grand daughter and her best friend wrapped themselves in Indian blanket beds on the lawn in the back yard.  The friend’s mom and I sat in lawn chairs.  We were taking a “moon bath” in the cool silky light and telling stories about past times under radiant night skies.

The next day, I found myself lying in the shade of the same crab apple tree, watching the clouds dramatically changing the attitude of the sky by seconds.  More than an hour passed as I allowed the stress in my body to soak into the earth and inspiration and wonder to soak into my body.

Now, I am immersed in expressing the essence of those experiences through painting.  It is amazing to me still how letting go of the literalness of life and embracing pure possibility opens a far deeper and more fascinating personal voyage.

This is the first in the “sky image” series. Numbers two and three are still in process.  I never know how many paintings will show up in response to any given experience.

Full Moon Sky

I also never know who sees my website but lately, I have had some interesting responses from all over the world.  A woman from Okinawa, Japan contacted me recently and said that she is a painter/photographer, is in the process of moving to Panama and wants to come through here on her way to learn from me. She hopes to learn my painting techniques, gain some insight on other classes I teach and of course, visit a friend in Ashland.

So on Sunday, July 21st from 10am until 4pm I will be teaching my Intuitive Painting processes. Chrisse specifically wants to explore this with a group….you learn so much more when others are working out the same processes you are.  The class will be kept small to ensure the most attention and best result for all involved.  The cost for the day is $90 including materials. You’ll need to bring a lunch and wear your grubbys.

Let me know soon if you are interested.

Phone: 541-772-6888.

Email: eveatevemargowithrowdotcom


Go lay on the grass! It’s inspiring!

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