Solstice Bed

Solstice Bed

While browsing the garden for inspiration, I discovered that the Bamboo I thought I had secured within a deep walled box, had run amok and was vigorously sprouting throughout the adjacent flowers. While snapping them off hoping to at least slow their march, I was taken by their primordial feel. I watched their wrapped leaves unfurl as they dried in my studio.  Prompted by curiosity I followed the nudge and created numerous layers and parts. This circuitous route ended with the forest sprouting from a coral bed . It was the Summer Solstice. Magic always happens then.

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  1. Hello Eve, I have become friends with Peter thru his chanting groups. The first time I walked into his gallery I fell in love with Sea Grass. I love your art. Now my husband is interested in Soulstice Bed. The best would be to see your art in person. But in the meantime can you tell me the size of this one? And price?
    Many thanks

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