New Work-New Moon


July 8 2013

In my last post, I talked about the experience of lying on the grass; looking up at the full Solstice moon and my curiosity in painting from that perspective.  As it happened, I have had over a week of nearly un-interrupted time to play with this inspiration.  Since my usual process using liquid acrylic sticks to any added papers I wondered about using watercolor instead.  I poured paint through various types of papers for texture and even hand painting back into a few of the images.

As with any explorative art process, there is a circuitous learning curve and valuable surprises about what works. I experience a sinking feeling of confusion when I realize that things have run amok.  The fact is, what is disappointing at the time just means I’m not finished yet. If the next session is vaguely in the future the thread of creative ingenuity is broken.

This uninterrupted time to be invited repeatedly back into the process in the moment has been superbly entertaining.  The organic movement from intuitive response to engaged problem solving and experimentation allows the body/mind/spirit to be relaxed and integrated while in the wholehearted flow of creativity.

The results are still out. Some paintings may never be framed or shown.  Some may get another layer or two of paint in a future creative encounter.  But taking the time to be curious and say “I wonder……” is flat out fun!

Here are some of the fallout images from the week’s adventures.

Sky Lake Moon

Treetop Moon

Red Moon Forest A

Crystl Trees-Gold Moon 2


I do hope you will join me in the wonderment on Sunday, July 21st from 10-4 for the next Intuitive Painting class.  There are only two spots left.

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