New Directions


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New Directions

For the past few years, I have become increasingly interested in the study of the Enneagram as a path to positive change in integrating the personal and spiritual aspects of my life.  In this past year my focus has been on Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition, which incorporates learning about the Enneagram through people speaking from their own experiences of mind, heart and body.  It is this direct experience that facilitates deep understanding and change.

As a facilitator of creative emergence over the last 40 years, my approach has always been that change takes place when we can get out of our own way and let that essential creative part of our being express itself.  I have not only experienced the freedom and joy of this process for myself but in hundreds of my students.  I believe that we cannot manifest change in our lives unless we ultimately take an action beyond thought and feeling in support of that change.

Next week, I will be getting my certification as a teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition.

The potential for personal growth in the marriage of “Art and the Enneagram” is an exhilarating prospect.

Watch for information about classes coming soon!


Finished Life Mask: Creativity classes and workshops with Eve Margo Withrow

Life Masks

Create and embellish a life mask from your own face and allow it to communicate the innumerable messages secreted within.  This process will require one session to create the mask structure and a second session to paint and embellish them.

Sunday, February, 17th, from 1-4 pm.

Sunday, February 24th, from 1-4 pm.  $90 for both sessions. Most materials included.


Previously advertised Intuitive Painting is offered the first Sunday of each month .

Please check my blog page and calendar on my website at or call me at 541-772-6888. 


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