May 3,2013

May 3 2013

I decided to do what I ask others to do in my classes: to go the edge of their comfort zone and surrender to creative flow—moment by moment—again and again.

A friend of mine put together a creative challenge of “A Poem A Day For The Month Of May”.  This is done through a group page on Facebook so we can all see each other’s poems and comment if we want—not critique.  They provide a prompt, which we can follow or not. I was scared.

A couple of years ago, I received some negative criticism over some writing I had done that I had gotten pretty invested in.  Because this came from someone I trusted and respected, I let it completely deflate my confidence in my abilities to express through the written word.  This extended to writing these blogs, newsletters, emails and Facebook postings.  The cold stone reminder in my gut that my flaws were exposed nagged at me incessantly.

This experience was a big reason for me do dig deeply into the Enneagram–To see the inner workings of myself clearly so that I could get out of that painful box–and to learn about my family and friends so that I never take things so personally again.

It has been a wonderful learning tool and I will finish teaching my first class on Sunday.  It felt like a practice class, which it was and I learned so much from the willing participants.  I used some visual art experiential techniques because I so believe that having an actual experience solidifies the learning.  One student said, “I feels a lot like Shiva Sana at the end of a yoga work out.”  Perfect—Integtration.

So I have been bringing my coffee to my chair every morning for three mornings and allowing whatever would come and written a poem a day for three days. These are not intended to be perfect; just honest expressions of the moment in time.  The same as I ask of my students.  No judgment from myself or anyone else.  Twenty-eight poems left.  Risk worth taking.  I love it!

Here are the first three:


Excitement and dread

Perch precariously

On this morning precipice

In asymmetrical balance

Taking turns

Asking me to risk

Flight or falling


2  Reflection From Childhood

Dig deep

All summer day

Finally fill it

With the garden hose

And get in.  AAAH!

Wallowing with worms

Smearing mud everywhere

But teeth and Eyes

Ring the doorbell


3 Haiku

Cascading color

Anchor for summer garden

Mysterious Wisteria


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