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Recently, I worked with a group of about a dozen girls who are part of the Children’s Advocacy Center’s teen mentoring program.  The generous and creative Anna Loeffler provides various frequent programs for the girls with the understanding that personal expression in the visual arts is a safe yet powerful way for the girls to speak their truth and in turn learn about themselves in a symbolic and profound way.

Our focus that day was Manifesting Angels. What is it that you want to manifest in your life at this time? And, of course, in order to have the help of an Angel, you must only ask and they will gladly lend a hand. I explained to them that in order to manifest or bring noticeable change into being, their job is to first have the thought, then the feeling that it already exists and finally to take action.

Once they thought and felt what they wanted, they worked intuitively to find images from magazines, which supported those.  They cut background shapes from sheets of foam core and then cut and glued their images onto the shape.  There were lots of embellishments available also: feathers, beads, yarn, clay faces, sequins, etc. They took full advantage.

They worked with enthusiasm and focus.  I was very touched with the way they lent support to one another who was temporarily “stuck”.  There was a loyalty and respect present that was admirable.

It is a powerful reminder that with compassionate guidance and support the wounded and disenfranchised among our youth can find their strength and humanity.  I so respect the work Anna does.

As you can see, the results were fabulous!

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