Into the Light

Into the Light

January 1, 2014

Are you ready to explore the edges of your creativity; the depths of your personality; or illuminate the various aspects of Self?
Then join me for some laughter, joy, and play as we step into the light of the new year.

Ongoing Monthly Enneagram Study Group

Now that I have completed my certification in the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, I am facilitating a monthly study group. The purpose of the group is to give us a living experience of what it feels like–and looks like–to be a particular personality “type”. We dialogue with panelists each month with the intention of gaining understanding and insight into “their” world; Thus shedding light on its influences both in ourselves and in the people in our lives. Private typing interviews are available.

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Opening the Eight gates of Wisdom- Eve Withrow and Alexis McKenna

Most of us already know that we are not going to “retire” or assume any of the traditional roles that our society assigns to “elders”. So what is it that we are going to do- or be -or become- as we enter the last quarter of our lives?

This is the central question we will be exploring with guided imagery, music, and art in this 9 week course. We will use Angeles Arrien’s book The Second Half of Life to guide us in
moving through what she calls the 8 gates of wisdom.

Each of the gates assists us in illuminating particular aspects of ourselves. The Silver Gate, for example, challenges us to invite new experiences into our lives. The Clay Gate urges us to care for, and enjoy, our bodies even as we come to terms with some of their limitations. And do on….

Redwood Sky Moon

Doorways to the Soul- Adventures in Creativity

No worries. No previous experience necessary.All class sessions are designed to encourage participants to stretch to surpass their own expectations and experience the joy and magic of self-inquiry and expression. The atmosphere is characterized by encouragement, discovery and playfulness.

We will meet the first Sunday of each month to explore a variety of new media, new techniques and new aspects of our own creative genius. Focus for the Feb 2nd. class will be on the Mandala . You can check my website and Calendar for more future class content. The next meeting is Feb.2nd from 1-4 pm. Cost: $45, inclusive.

Other Items of Interest

The Enneagram Study Group and “Opening the eight gates of Wisdom” classes are currently full. However, put your name on the waiting list and new sections of these classes will begin as soon as there is enough enrollment. Call 541-772-6888 for details.




My Paintings

Joan Van Druff






Ten of my paintings are currently being shown at the Avalon Bar and Grill in Talent. I am sharing the show with a student of mine, Joan VanDruff. Joan says her creative juices were “stirred” by her experiences in my classes. The show is up through mid- March. We will have an official “opening” on Wednesday, January 15th at 5pm. Please join us!

You may contact me at eveatevemargowithrowdotcom or at or by phone at 541-772-6888

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