“I find that when I trust synchronicity and pure potential directly and courageously, the universe opens to and supports my most fertile and imaginative dreams- thus becoming my art.”

                        PAINTINGS                                         SCULPTURAL CERAMICS

22 x 30 Mixed water media on paper from the Solstice Skies collection by Eve Margo Withrow. ©2015

“Silver Teardrop Moon”
Solstice Skies Collection

Guardian Angel, Ceramic Sculpture by Eve Margo Withrow

“Guardian Angel”
Ceramic Sculpture

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Yupo Curiosity

I’ve just finished some new work to hang the beginning of February at Art & Soul Gallery in Ashland, Oregon. My curiosity took me into the land of Yupo: A non-porous plastic like painting surface. I’ve always loved the spontaneity of working with flow, knowing that here is a potential for more layers. This trick on Yupo just melts the layer before because of the slick surface. Oh My! This may be a short lived adventure but I feel that old familiar tickle asking me “What If?”. Hmmmmmm……..

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