“I find that when I trust synchronicity and pure potential directly and courageously, the universe opens to and supports my most fertile and imaginative dreams- thus becoming my art.”

                        PAINTINGS                                         SCULPTURAL CERAMICS

22 x 30 Mixed water media on paper from the Solstice Skies collection by Eve Margo Withrow. ©2015

“Silver Teardrop Moon”
Solstice Skies Collection

Guardian Angel, Ceramic Sculpture by Eve Margo Withrow

“Guardian Angel”
Ceramic Sculpture

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Oh, So Many Choices

Oh, So Many Choices

I have used collage as a technique in some of my paintings for many years. I also keep every scrap of paper left over in case I need it later on in another painting. Needless to say, I have hundreds, maybe thousands of colorful scraps in my flat files.

It struck me that I actually could never need to paint on another clean white sheet of paper again.  Of course, that is an impossible thought because I love those clean white sheets and watching the images appear in the layers of color and texture applied. But I did decide to dive into an exploration of only using already existing scraps to collage together new creations.

With three different sizes of cradle board surfaces to collage onto which gave me some structure as well as variety. I started by letting my intuition guide me to select scraps as anchors or focal points to build onto.

This is where the plot thickens. Every piece I added affected every other decision and the possibilities were so immense that my mind boggled. Since pieces were still loose, I took photos so when it was time to glue, I’d have a map. Well, there was still so much fluidity that the glued results were never exactly according to plan.  

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Being used to following circuitous threads, I am pleased with the results.

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