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Ashland”s Friday Art Walk, Music, Refreshments

Featuring Artist: Eve Margo Withrow

Art and Soul Gallery, July 11, 5-8pm

247 EAst Main, Ashland, OR

“Whole Hearted” Water media Paintings

Eve Margo Withrow !

Eve is an international award winning professional Artist creating quality one-of-a-kind paintings using mixed water media and collaged materials. They are magical surrealistic impressions reflecting the essential feeling ingredients of an experience or place. “Many of my favorite and most exciting works re the result of finding creative solutions to things run amok a few times over. I play and adventure with my expressions, following threads here and there, thus entering the flow of my creative process; head and heart awake and in balance.”


Soulmerge Catalog #767, painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Soulmerge Catalog #767, painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Blood Moon 2014feature July 2013 press


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