Enneagram Study Group


 Ongoing Monthly Enneagram Study Group

Are you ready to explore the edges and depths of your personality; to understand why you do the things you do: to learn why others in your life do what they do?  Studying the nine personality types can help you bring positive change into your life.  Moreover, it can give you powerful assistance in integrating the personal and spiritual aspects of your life.

As a certified teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, I am facilitating this monthly study group to give us a living experience of what it feels like–and looks like–to be a particular personality “type”.  We will cover wings, sub-types, stress and heart points, defense mechanisms, and transformational tasks. By dialoguing with each other in a small group, in  a casual, supportive setting we can gain the tools and wisdom to live meaningful and joyful lives.

Third Sunday of each month from 1-4pm at my home and studio in Medford.

September 21st, October 19th, November 16th, December 21st etc., etc.

Cost is $15 per session.

I f you are not sure of your Enneagram type, you can go to www.enneagramworldwide to take a simple test. I am also available for private typing interviews.


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