Using a variety of artistic modalities, Eve has worked extensively with writers, teachers, and artists at every level of experience to overcome inner barriers, realize their unique gifts and strengths and express from their deepest places. Her classes provide a safe, sacred environment to explore previously uncharted psychic territories of emotion, personality and soul. By returning to the rooted, essential creative being that is the authentic self, the artist may walk the wonderful journey of life as a conscious participant.

All class sessions are designed to encourage participants to stretch to surpass their own expectations and experience the joy and magic of self-inquiry and expression. The atmosphere is characterized by encouragement, discovery and playfulness.

If you see a class or workshop on this page you would like to participate in, but it’s not on Eve’s Current Classes page, please send an email to request it. If you have an idea that you think Eve could teach, please send her your suggestions. Eve will also customize creative adventures for small gatherings of friends, life transition celebrations, social dates, family playtime and other private sessions.

For my current classes and workshop schedule, please check my calendar. For further details on current classes and workshops, look at my blog, email eveatevemargowithrowdotcom  (eveatevemargowithrowdotcom)   or register for my newsletter. To register, visit my Play Dates page.

DOORWAYS TO THE SOUL- An Intuitive Creativity Workshop

During this six-session course, students will explore and experience a variety of processes and mediums. Some examples of possible adventures follow:

Intuitive Painting: Creativity classes and workshops with Eve Margo WithrowIntuitive Painting

Experience and experiment with a variety of non-threatening processes. Artists who want to create with renewed enthusiasm as well as inexperienced artists will be delighted.


Mandala: Creativity classes and workshops with Eve Margo Withrow

The sacred circle of the mandala provides a window to the soul. It reflects the essence of who we really are – the authentic self. The creation of personal mandalas can help balance and heal the body, mind and spirit while manifesting creative energy and optimism.

Soul Cards

soul card lion pomegranatesoul card hummingbird prick

Create images from the depths of your soul. Use them to nourish and evoke your own insight and creativity.  Let them be mirrors through which to reflect upon your own soul.

Soul cards are created on 5”X8” cardstock from magazine images and possibly pictures from your own past combined in a collage piece.  These collective images are sometimes like surrealistic dreamscapes bubbling up from the subconscious…..showing us to ourselves.

Shrine: Creativity classes and workshops with Eve Margo Withrow Shrine: Creativity classes and workshops with Eve Margo WithrowThe Shrine

Remember and reconnect to the sacred center of your life by creating a reliquary. We will build small altars and decorate them with a collage of images. Bring photographs or pictures to represent experiences and relationships that have enhanced, enlivened and deepened your life.

Finished Life Mask: Creativity classes and workshops with Eve Margo WithrowLife Masks

Create and embellish a life mask formed from your own face and allow it to communicate the innumerable messages concealed within.

Spirit Sticks: Creativity classes and workshops with Eve Margo WithrowSpirit Sticks

When we return to nature more intimately, we awaken the ancient impulse to create. Gift yourself with an intuitive and sensory experience as we gather our materials from the woods and creek sides during a walking meditation. Respond intuitively to these elemental substances as you use them to create your unique collaged spirit stick: a powerful experience.

Manifesting Creativity Angel: Creativity classes and workshops with Eve Margo WithrowManifesting Angels

Manifesting change in our lives requires feeling, thought, word and action. Do you want unlimited prosperity, love, joy, health..? Come and create your personal manifesting angel and your heart’s desire.





enneagramsymbolArt and the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a dynamic system that represents a truly profound and powerful structure to understand personality and offers numerous, often immediate practical applications for personal development.

This process connects psychological and spiritual levels of life and shows how to integrate the two. The Enneagram not only identifies three equally important centers of intelligence; body, mind and spirit, but suggests ways to balance these centers to achieve a more balanced life.

Classes are taught through a narrative inquiry method where each person speaks about their own experience. Through self-observation, we can begin to see our patterns of attention, core motivations and ultimately, how to get out of our limiting “box”.

To further clarity and understanding, simple visual art experiences are integrated into the process.

Into the Light

ContactExploration of the Enneagram

Are you ready to explore the edges of your creativity; the depths of your personality; or illuminate the various aspects of your original whole Self? Learning about the nine personality types can help your learn how to bring positive change into your life; change the way you relate to yourself and others. Moreover, it can give you powerful assistance in integrating the personal and spiritual aspects of your life.
Join me for an Ongoing Monthly Enneagram Study Group. Contact me and I will send monthly emails as to our location and focus type.

As a certified teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, I am facilitating this monthly study group to give us a living experience of what it feels like–and looks like–to be a particular personality “type”. We dialogue with panelists each month with the intention of gaining understanding and insight into “their” world; Thus shedding light on its influences both in ourselves and in the people in our lives. The small groups meet in a casual, supportive setting.

I am also available for private typing interviews.

The Journey Home  

The Journey Home

The Journey Home

In the turbulence of modern times, it’s easy to feel lost and powerless.  The world, as we know it, seems to be disappearing before our very eyes.  The “new world” has yet to emerge.

We are living in chaos; and we don’t yet know that chaos is a friend.  It’s a creative energy as well as a destructive one.  The challenge is to learn how to embrace the chaos and allow it to change us.  This can be most easily done through traveling inward – into the interior symbolic landscape – rich with possibility and meaning.

It is here that each of us can tap into those aspects of self that are inherently nourishing and sustaining.  It is here that we can touch into that core essence – that resonance—that is uniquely ours.  It is here that we access the immortal and the eternal.  It is here that we are “home” — regardless of what is, or is not, happening in the world around us.

Join us in a journey “home.”


What:            A 4 week, “rich media” exploration            (limited to 6 participants)

We will use story, music, art, guided imagery, and other mystical practices, ancient and modern, to begin the journey of coming “home.”

During the first 3 weeks, we will actively explore our inner worlds, memorialize our explorations in a variety of different media and materials, and share our discoveries with each other.

In our final week, we will bring together all the materials we have previously created, and look for emerging themes and patterns — both individual and collective.

Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom- Eve Withrow and Alexis McKenna

8 gates imageMost of us already know that we are not going to “retire” or assume any of the traditional roles that our society assigns to “elders”.  So what is it that we are going to do- or be -or become- as we enter the last quarter of our lives?

This is the central question we will be exploring with guided imagery, music, and art in this 9 week course.  We will use Angeles Arrien’s book The Second Half of Life to guide us in moving through what she calls the 8 gates of wisdom.

Each of the gates assists us in illuminating particular aspects of ourselves.  The Silver Gate, for example, challenges us to invite new experiences into our lives.  The Clay Gate urges us to care for, and enjoy, our bodies even as we come to terms with some of their limitations.  And so on….

The Facilitators

Alexis McKenna, PhD., is an experienced counselor and educator, a natural mystic, and an innovative thinker.  Her special areas of interest are symbol systems, music-generated imagery, metaphor, and story

Eve Withrow, MA, is an international award-winning professional Artist creating quality one-of-a-kind paintings.  An experienced teacher, she skillfully assists others in awakening to their innate creativity in non-threatening, hands on ways.

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