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Ashland”s Friday Art Walk, Music, Refreshments

Featuring Artist: Eve Margo Withrow

Art and Soul Gallery, July 11, 5-8pm

247 EAst Main, Ashland, OR

“Whole Hearted” Water media Paintings

Eve Margo Withrow !

Eve is an international award winning professional Artist creating quality one-of-a-kind paintings using mixed water media and collaged materials. They are magical surrealistic impressions reflecting the essential feeling ingredients of an experience or place. “Many of my favorite and most exciting works re the result of finding creative solutions to things run amok a few times over. I play and adventure with my expressions, following threads here and there, thus entering the flow of my creative process; head and heart awake and in balance.”


Soulmerge Catalog #767, painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Soulmerge Catalog #767, painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Blood Moon 2014feature July 2013 press


Into the Light

Into the Light

January 1, 2014

Are you ready to explore the edges of your creativity; the depths of your personality; or illuminate the various aspects of Self?
Then join me for some laughter, joy, and play as we step into the light of the new year.

Ongoing Monthly Enneagram Study Group

Now that I have completed my certification in the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, I am facilitating a monthly study group. The purpose of the group is to give us a living experience of what it feels like–and looks like–to be a particular personality “type”. We dialogue with panelists each month with the intention of gaining understanding and insight into “their” world; Thus shedding light on its influences both in ourselves and in the people in our lives. Private typing interviews are available.

8 gates image

Opening the Eight gates of Wisdom- Eve Withrow and Alexis McKenna

Most of us already know that we are not going to “retire” or assume any of the traditional roles that our society assigns to “elders”. So what is it that we are going to do- or be -or become- as we enter the last quarter of our lives?

This is the central question we will be exploring with guided imagery, music, and art in this 9 week course. We will use Angeles Arrien’s book The Second Half of Life to guide us in
moving through what she calls the 8 gates of wisdom.

Each of the gates assists us in illuminating particular aspects of ourselves. The Silver Gate, for example, challenges us to invite new experiences into our lives. The Clay Gate urges us to care for, and enjoy, our bodies even as we come to terms with some of their limitations. And do on….

Redwood Sky Moon

Doorways to the Soul- Adventures in Creativity

No worries. No previous experience necessary.All class sessions are designed to encourage participants to stretch to surpass their own expectations and experience the joy and magic of self-inquiry and expression. The atmosphere is characterized by encouragement, discovery and playfulness.

We will meet the first Sunday of each month to explore a variety of new media, new techniques and new aspects of our own creative genius. Focus for the Feb 2nd. class will be on the Mandala . You can check my website and Calendar for more future class content. The next meeting is Feb.2nd from 1-4 pm. Cost: $45, inclusive.

Other Items of Interest

The Enneagram Study Group and “Opening the eight gates of Wisdom” classes are currently full. However, put your name on the waiting list and new sections of these classes will begin as soon as there is enough enrollment. Call 541-772-6888 for details.




My Paintings

Joan Van Druff






Ten of my paintings are currently being shown at the Avalon Bar and Grill in Talent. I am sharing the show with a student of mine, Joan VanDruff. Joan says her creative juices were “stirred” by her experiences in my classes. The show is up through mid- March. We will have an official “opening” on Wednesday, January 15th at 5pm. Please join us!

You may contact me at eveatevemargowithrowdotcom or at www.evemargowithrow.com or by phone at 541-772-6888

page2image14664 page2image14824

The Unscrambling



I’m trying my hand and head at a program I have on my new computer. Buying a computer was not a planned event but while wrestling with how to get the books for Art and Soul Gallery in the cloud I was told that my six-year-old Mac is OLD. So old that it will soon not be able to do the every day jobs it is used to doing because it’s ability to process new information is diminished.  In addition, a major part of it’s memory is scrambled. I can identify completely.  So with my warrior energy intact, I took the leap and am now experiencing a little scrambled brain myself, trying to understand and integrate all this new information. I press onward.


Next Friday evening, yes Friday the 13th, the Talent Public Arts Committee is it’s annual Art and Music Festival from 5-8 pm. throughout town. There will be many businesses open, art around town, music, etc.  Also, the Friday Evening Market will be in full swing.

The opening for a group Art show at the Talent City Hall at 110 E.Main St. will be hosted by the participating artists, which includes myself.  I hope you’ll come out and join in the festivities and say hello.


Join me next Sat. evening for an Enneagram Party!

The Enneagram is a dynamic and powerful personality system that describes nine distinct patterns of thinking, feeling and moving.  Each pattern is based on an explicit perceptual filter, which determines the focus of our attention and how we direct our energy.  The Enneagram can help bring positive change into our lives and help change the way we relate to yourself and others.

Rumor has it that one of the best ways to witness the Enneagram in action is to relax and party with other conscious students of life. If you are curious about the Enneagram and aren’t sure of your personality type, please come and talk to others who may be either just beginning their journey or are seasoned in their understanding of the Enneagram.

I will offer a 10-session monthly study group on the third Sunday of each month beginning September 22nd from 1pm-5pm.  If you are interested in some, or all of the journey let me know or talk to me at the party.

When: Saturday, September 14th.  6pm till ??

Where:  Eve Margo’s home: 2708 Country Club Drive, Medford 

Bring: A favorite dish or snack to share…and a drink

Please RSVP either by email or by calling 541-772-6888

Directions to Eve’s:  From Ashland, take exit 24 (Phoenix) onto Fern Valley Rd. to the right.  At the first light, turn left onto North Phoenix Rd. (Home Depot).  Stay on No. Phoenix until you get to the light at Albertson’s which is Barnett.  Turn left onto Barnett and follow it to the second light, which is Murphy at the corner of the Hospital (RVMC).  Turn Right on Murphy and follow it past the stop sign until it turns left becoming Country Club Dr. The golf course will be on your right. Go two blocks to the corner of Havana and Country club.  My house is on your far left of the corner and is green with purple trim.  There is even a street sign near the garage door saying “Withrow Lane”.  Turn left onto Havana and either park in the driveway or in the street.

I am thrilled to offer a new class co-facilitated with my dear friend Alexis McKenna.

Journey Home

The Journey Home

In the turbulence of modern times, it’s easy to feel lost and powerless.  The world, as we know it, seems to be disappearing before our very eyes.  The “new world” has yet to emerge.

We are living in chaos; and we don’t yet know that chaos is a friend.  It’s a creative energy as well as a destructive one.  The challenge is to learn how to embrace the chaos and allow it to change us.  This can be most easily done through traveling inward – into the interior symbolic landscape – rich with possibility and meaning.

It is here that each of us can tap into those aspects of self that are inherently nourishing and sustaining.  It is here that we can touch into that core essence – that resonance—that is uniquely ours.  It is here that we access the immortal and the eternal.  It is here that we are “home” — regardless of what is, or is not, happening in the world around us.

Join us in a journey “home.”


What: A 4 week, “rich media” exploration (limited to 6 participants)

We will use story, music, art, guided imagery, and other mystical practices, ancient and modern, to begin the journey of coming “home.”

During the first 3 weeks, we will actively explore our inner worlds, memorialize our explorations in a variety of different media and materials, and share our discoveries with each other.

In our final week, we will bring together all the materials we have previously created, and look for emerging themes and patterns — both individual and collective.

When:   Saturdays, 1-4pm, Oct. 5, 12, 19, and 26

Where:   Eve’s Studio, 2708 Country Club Drive, Medford, OR. 97504

Cost: $130 + $10. materials’ fee for the series; fee to be paid at the first class.  You may wish to bring a notebook for personal reflection.

For reservations or information, call Eve at 541-772-6888 or email href="eveatevemargowithrowdotcom">eveatevemargowithrowdotcom

The Facilitators

Alexis McKenna, PhD., is an experienced counselor and educator, a natural mystic, and an innovative thinker.  Her special areas of interest are symbol systems, music-generated imagery, metaphor, and story

Eve Withrow, MA, is an international award-winning professional Artist creating quality one-of-a-kind paintings.  An experienced teacher, she skillfully assists others in awakening to their innate creativity in non-threatening, hands on ways.

New Work-New Moon


July 8 2013

In my last post, I talked about the experience of lying on the grass; looking up at the full Solstice moon and my curiosity in painting from that perspective.  As it happened, I have had over a week of nearly un-interrupted time to play with this inspiration.  Since my usual process using liquid acrylic sticks to any added papers I wondered about using watercolor instead.  I poured paint through various types of papers for texture and even hand painting back into a few of the images.

As with any explorative art process, there is a circuitous learning curve and valuable surprises about what works. I experience a sinking feeling of confusion when I realize that things have run amok.  The fact is, what is disappointing at the time just means I’m not finished yet. If the next session is vaguely in the future the thread of creative ingenuity is broken.

This uninterrupted time to be invited repeatedly back into the process in the moment has been superbly entertaining.  The organic movement from intuitive response to engaged problem solving and experimentation allows the body/mind/spirit to be relaxed and integrated while in the wholehearted flow of creativity.

The results are still out. Some paintings may never be framed or shown.  Some may get another layer or two of paint in a future creative encounter.  But taking the time to be curious and say “I wonder……” is flat out fun!

Here are some of the fallout images from the week’s adventures.

Sky Lake Moon

Treetop Moon

Red Moon Forest A

Crystl Trees-Gold Moon 2


I do hope you will join me in the wonderment on Sunday, July 21st from 10-4 for the next Intuitive Painting class.  There are only two spots left.

Contact me at:





Summer Solstice

July 2013

Summer Solstice

Last week, under the huge Solstice Moon, my Grand daughter and her best friend wrapped themselves in Indian blanket beds on the lawn in the back yard.  The friend’s mom and I sat in lawn chairs.  We were taking a “moon bath” in the cool silky light and telling stories about past times under radiant night skies.

The next day, I found myself lying in the shade of the same crab apple tree, watching the clouds dramatically changing the attitude of the sky by seconds.  More than an hour passed as I allowed the stress in my body to soak into the earth and inspiration and wonder to soak into my body.

Now, I am immersed in expressing the essence of those experiences through painting.  It is amazing to me still how letting go of the literalness of life and embracing pure possibility opens a far deeper and more fascinating personal voyage.

This is the first in the “sky image” series. Numbers two and three are still in process.  I never know how many paintings will show up in response to any given experience.

full moon skies

I also never know who sees my website but lately, I have had some interesting responses from all over the world.  A woman from Okinawa, Japan contacted me recently and said that she is a painter/photographer, is in the process of moving to Panama and wants to come through here on her way to learn from me. She hopes to learn my painting techniques, gain some insight on other classes I teach and of course, visit a friend in Ashland.

So on Sunday, July 21st from 10am until 4pm I will be teaching my Intuitive Painting processes. Chrisse specifically wants to explore this with a group….you learn so much more when others are working out the same processes you are.  The class will be kept small to ensure the most attention and best result for all involved.  The cost for the day is $90 including materials. You’ll need to bring a lunch and wear your grubbys.

Let me know soon if you are interested.




Go lay on the grass! It’s inspiring!


Soul Card Workshop

soul card lion pomegranetsoul card humming bird prick


A Workshop

Offered by

Eve Margo Withrow.

Create images from the depths of your soul. Use them to nourish and evoke your own insight and creativity.  Let them be mirrors through which to reflect upon your own soul.

Soul cards are created on 5”X8” cardstock from magazine images and possibly pictures from your own past combined in a collage piece.  These collective images are sometimes like surrealistic dreamscapes bubbling up from the subconscious…..showing us to ourselves.

Join me on Wednesday, June 19th

From 1-4 p.m. in my Medford studio

Cost is $40, materials provided

Contact me at 541-772-6888 or email at eveatevemargowithrowdotcom



Great Article About Eve’s Artwork

Fire and Ice-copy


By Dick Warren

June 2013

Hold on to your hats! The Plaza Gallery is showing the work of Eve Withrow, perhaps the most dynamic, exciting painter in the Valley.

The exhibit is not for an afternoon’s rest, but more like a roller coaster or windstorm.  The wonder is that Eve has a secure hand on everything and the threat of chaos is carefully controlled. Using water media, a delicate medium, and collage, she somehow manages to create images in color and line in particular, at their strongest and most expressive.

The paintings are anything but delicate.  The fact that finally they are secured within their frames is testament to her statement that her art is to “finally remind us of the benevolent patterns of the Universe”. The compositions somehow hold together in their frames.

Eve is familiar to many at the Manor.  She has been painting and teaching in the Valley for some time.  Her work is highly regarded all over the West where she has exhibited constantly.  Eve is a director of the successful Art and Soul Gallery in Ashland, and has been in the Members Gallery at the Rogue Gallery and Art Center in Medford for many years.

Eve will talk about her work at a reception on Wednesday, June 5 at 5:00 p.m.




It’s Official

 June Newsletter

It’s official. I am now part owner/director of Art and Soul Gallery in Ashland! I am honored to be a part of a group with so much talent and integrity in leadership. We have several new artists added to the already outstanding group showing at the gallery. The energy there is vibrant and sales are spectacular. Stop in and see for yourself. The address is 247 East Main St. and the hours are 10 to 6 Tuesday through Sunday.

Yesterday I taught “Intuitive Painting” in the studio of a fellow artist in Eagle Point. This is my second class in this wonderful venue. I am always astounded at what creative solutions the participants come up with when they get out of their own way and let the creative juices flow. It was so much fun and the results magnificent!

The month of June, I will be showing 20 of my large paintings at the Rogue Valley Manor Gallery. There is a “meet the artist” reception on Wednesday, June 5th from 5-6pm.

The weekend of June 7-9 I will be showing my garden “sparklers”, fountains, and sculpture at the Art for the Home and Garden show in Ashland. This show is in the home and gardens of two artists a block apart. The settings are gorgeous, the artwork superb. It is a very fun show to attend. I have attached the information for you.eMail_Art_Garden_2013_v001

The monthly ‘Intuitive Painting” class is Saturday, June 1st is here in my home studio. This class is an exploration of techniques and possibilities to loosen your painting style and enjoy the freedom of playful, authentic expression. Call now to reserve your place. Class is from 1-4 pm. And cost is $45. All materials provided. If you’d like to bring a piece or two of your own that you don’t know what to do with next, please do. We will find it.

On Saturday June 22nd I will be teaching “Intuitive Painting” in Grants Pass at Major Art and Framing. The class is from 10am to 4pm. We will be exploring many textural techniques and I will show my own techniques for you to experience. The paint needs time to dry between layers. This is why we will meet all day. The studio space is large and open so there is lots of room to explore our creative souls. Let me know soon if you are interested in joining in the fun. Cost is $90 including all materials. You may bring some of your own paintings if you’d like to explore possibilities for completing them. This class is great for beginners and more experienced artists alike.

Good News Busy Times

Watchful Eyes

Watchful Eyes


The good news is that I have been offered a treasure.  At least that’s how I see it.  As of May 21st, I will be one of the six Owner/Directors of Art and Soul Gallery in Ashland, Or. Among my functions will be Treasurer….get it?  I remember being a child and wishing to grow up and own an Art gallery.  Now I do.  I have shown my paintings there for a few years and I’ve always been impressed with the integrity and professionalism of the directors and the high quality of the artwork shown.  It is also a very friendly and supportive environment for the artists and the public.  I could not wish for more.  Now I only hope that my left-brain still functions effectively!

This week I was notified that I had three paintings accepted into the Members Gallery at Rogue Gallery and Art Center.  They will hang for three months and allow me the opportunity to show at the Members Annual Exhibition next Fall.

The Rogue Valley Manor Gallery will be the home of 20 of my larger paintings for the month of June.  There is a brief reception from 4:30-6 pm on June 5th.  This is a newly remodeled gallery area so the work should look great.

The weekend of June 7,8 and 9 is the annual Art for the Garden, Art for the Home show in Ashland.  I will be selling beaded garden “sparklers, clay fountains and sculpture.  I’ll be sending out the details as the time gets closer.

Upcoming Classes:

Saturday, June 1st. The monthly Intuitive Painting class will be held here at my studio in Medford on Saturday, May 4th. from 10am – 4pm.  We will be doing the painting process I use in my work.  It takes time for drying between layers so we will be rotating about 3 paintings that day. Warm weather will certainly help that along. I will provide all materials but if you have a painting you feel needs more inspired work, do bring it.  Also bring a lunch and wear grubbies. Cost for the day is $90. Space is limited. 

 Saturday June 22nd:  The same Intuitive Painting class offered on the 1st will be offered in Grants Pass at Major Art and Framing, 1951 Redwood Ave. Grants Pass OR. There is more studio space here than in my home studio so do join us. 

All these dates will be on the Calendar on my website. Please contact me at 541-772-6888 or at eveatevemargowithrowdotcom  (eveatevemargowithrowdotcom)   or through my website at www.evemargowithrow.com