Eve Margo Withrow, Contemporary Fine ArtistEve is an internationally known, award-winning professional artist creating quality one-of-a-kind pieces in both water media painting and clay sculpture.  A spiritual seeker and veteran teacher with over 40 years experience, Eve also masterfully guides others to awaken to their innate creativity and thus their essential self by experiencing the brilliance and joy of self-expression.

“Due to a natural progression through my own life experiences, I have come to deeply respect the power and wisdom of the creative spirit.  Facilitating the creative emergence of others inspires me and in turn I trust that I might inspire others to create their lives from an honest and centered perspective.”

“I enjoy immersing myself in the natural world and then responding to the essential feeling ingredient of that experience through my creative expressions.  I love the adventure of following threads here and there, thus entering the flow of my creative process; head and heart awake and in balance.”

3 thoughts on “ABOUT EVE

  1. Eve,
    As I head into another school year, and I go to yet another PD my thoughts often turn to you. I often share with students and other teachers that had you not believed in me and pushed me I would have ended up as a secretary or bank teller in Cheyenne! A fine career for many, but at least you could tell that it wasn’t for me, even when I couldn’t. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have gone to college (twice) and I certainly wouldn’t have learned how important developing meaningful relationships with students would be. So a very late thank you. Hope you are well, and if ever in Denver stop by my school (and I mean, yep I helped build it, often thinking WWED – you know what would eve do) kcaa.dpsk12.org! Cori, Teacher of Art!

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