First Anemone



My creative journey has always involved responding to an essential ingredient of an experience and following the threads of that flow to a magical finale. I trusted the collaboration with an authentic source within and beyond myself. A huge curiosity about this journey has kept my enthusiasm at a fevered pitch for many years.

Recently, the intensity has waned a bit and neither the process nor the outcome has been as compelling. I wondered if it was simply related to the aging/wisdom journey of slowing down but instead of settling into it, I felt like I was always waiting for an echo, a nudge, and an inspiration.

Going back to clay was not an option. My hands are no longer strong enough and too arthritic to do the building and my body is no longer strong enough to do the hauling and firing. Plus, the gallery I am part owner of only shows paintings: only work that hangs on the wall. I had no ideas where to go next.

Drawn to the depths of my own presence to ponder I turned again to nature’s state of enlivened being. The seed pod, the ocean coral, the flower; all fully embody a direct experience of being. With this curiosity about the feeling experience of “being the thing” I began to realize that I am closer to knowing the “ME of ME”.

Now is the new beginnings of a new direction in my Artwork. Sculpture and painting have merged. I have become an inventor, an engineer and a researcher as I explore new techniques and forms to represent deeper states of being. No doubt there will be many twists and turns; some more successful than others. The being is in the awareness of each moment on the journey.



2 thoughts on “NEW TWIST-NEW WORK

  1. Nancy Rose, I am not sure whether I am more touched by this wondrous work of art or the words you use to describe the process! I totally honor your creative depth and spirit.

  2. Bernal Koehrsen III
    July 19 at 4:01pm

    I remember very well a very wise older woman who lived on the side of the foothills of Colorado tell me that what we understand about spirituality is like a pitcher of lemonade, all we know is a single droplet into a glass. This piece looks very much like you have moved to the “second’ drop of lemonade! I want to see more, more, more! There is a quiet grace here, while retaining the authentic voice of your work this is a major leap forward!

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